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Rachel Althea

Personal Injury Lawyer

Rachel Althea, the visionary behind Althea Law Firm, is a distinguished attorney with a strong background in law. Hailing from Stockbridge, Georgia, she holds a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Laws from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, coupled with specialized certification in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Rachel's legal journey is diverse, including roles as a Prosecutor, Solicitor, and civil litigation practitioner. Her insights into criminal and civil law intricacies make her a well-rounded legal professional. Notably, she has achieved remarkable success by settling personal injury claims exceeding 1 million dollars, a testament to her commitment to justice and client well-being.

Rachel's dedication extends beyond her achievements – she's a passionate advocate who stands ready to champion your rights. At Althea Law Firm, you'll find not just legal expertise, but personalized support to navigate legal challenges.

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